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Hyperworks for Aerospace: Structural Solvers


OptiStruct for Structural Analysis and Optimization

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NEW! Advanced Restart Nonlinear Analysis

Feature presentation showing how to set up options to restart a nonlinear analysis in OptiStruct. Additional feature presentations are available from our customer portal, Altair Connect at this link.

NEW! Deploying Altair OptiStruct for Nonlinear Simulation of Automobile Components

Technical paper presented at 2017 India ATC by Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., deploying OptiStruct for nonlinear simulations of automobile components. Multiple test cases are presented comparing accuracy and solver times for nonlinearities introduced from material, geometry, and contact.

NEW! Gasket Simulations Process Considering Design Parameters

Technical paper presented at 2017 India ATC by VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd on various aspects of design to be considered while designing gaskets for different purposes.


NEW! Monitoring and Debugging Nonlinear Results

Feature presentation showing how to set up options to monitor and debug nonlinear results in OptiStruct. Additional feature presentations are available from our customer portal, Altair Connect and linked at end of this presentation.


NEW! Non-Linear Analysis of Transmission Rear Cover Using OptiStruct Considering Sequential Multiple Load-Cases

This technical paper was presented at the 2015 India ATC by VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd utilizing the nonlinear analysis capabilities in OptiStruct. The paper focuses on nonlinear analysis of transmission rear cover using OptiStruct. The rear cover was analyzed for assembly loads (contact, bolt pretension) and structural loading conditions (bearing force and gravitational loads) applied as subsequent load-steps.


NEW! Non-Linear Analysis on Refrigerated Display Case Shelf

Technical paper presented at 2015 India ATC by Hussmann Services India LLP. performing sag analysis of a refrigerated display case shelf using OptiStruct.


NEW! OptiStruct Verification Problems Manual

The verification manual is primarily intended to verify solutions & methods covering the most significant analysis capabilities of OptiStruct. The verification problem manual contains benchmarked problems that provides affirmation of results which OptiStruct produces from a benchmark defined by an external body or institution such as NAFEMS, MacNeal-Harder and others. Download models from here.


Development of a Lightweight SUV Frame Concept

The lightweight SUV frame project was a research initiative with the key objective to reduce the baseline frame structure's mass by 25% by applying concept design optimization upfront.


Optimized Drop Testing with Dell, Intel an Altair

Dell, Intel and Altair have collaborated to analyze a virtual drop test solution with integrated simulation and optimization analysis, delivering proven gains in speed and accuracy.


OptiStruct for Structural Analysis: Not Just for Optimizations Anymore
There is a trend from computer-aided engineering (CAE) vendors to consolidate tools into one platform. This wave of change is a way for engineering firms to reduce their software budgets, training and web of licenses. Altair has been a major player in this consolidation space with its HyperWorks platform.


Snap-Fit Optimization for Achieving Desired Insertion and Retention Forces
Snap-fits are ubiquitous engineering features used to quickly and inexpensively assemble plastic parts. The geometric, material, and contact nonlinearities associated with snap-fit problems can present modeling challenges. Quasi-static solutions with explicit solvers are commonly used to analyze snap-fits; however, OptiStruct’s nonlinear solver now possess the ability to solve these highly nonlinear problems implicitly.


Weight Optimization of a Rubber using Altair OptiStruct and HyperStudy
Weight reduction at even the component level can add up to significant fuel economy gains. This paper presents a process for optimizing the weight of a rubber bushing under compression.

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