Appliances are transforming the HPC world

Appliances are HPC stacks with an infrastructure layer, HPC middleware and applications, all of which are packaged and configured together. Cloud computing and DevOps tools have shaken up HPC and made using HPC applications easier than ever. 

When you use Altair's, you can deploy appliances everywhere, in the cloud or on-premises. This new solution allows scientists and engineers to use their preferred stack, and set it up in minutes.

What is Altair's is a cloud platform that lets you easily create, manage, deploy, and
monitor HPC appliances for public clouds, private clouds, and bare metal.

Solution architects can use to define fully-engineered HPC appliances, whether in the cloud or on-premises hardware. It supports a vast variety of middleware, including applications from Altair, third-party software, and in-house codes. Engineers and scientists can also use a self-service model to easily deploy and use appliances.

HPC appliances in the cloud have never been so easy!

  • Multi-cloud management
  • Deployment made simple
  • Advanced security and governance
  • Intelligent management
  • Cost control




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