Introducing Altair PollEx


The electronics design and printed circuit board (PCB) market is growing across multiple industries including Internet of Things (IoT), automotive, consumer and industrial electronics, telecommunications. This growth comes with a set of complex challenges for electronics design engineers, who must produce high speed, low voltage PCBs and consider high-density interconnection, miniaturization, and new materials. Even the process from PCB design to manufacturing is complex due to fragmentation and the need to manage globalization and outsourcing.


In order to effectively overcome the challenges of PCB design performance, quality requirements, and manufacturing cost reduction, multi-disciplinary engineering teams are turning to Altair PollEx. The Pollex PCB software suite has been adopted by electronics, electrical, and manufacturing engineers from leading organizations like Samsung, Intel, LG, and Sony.


In this webinar we will introduce the benefits of PollEx for fast PCB design viewing and exploration, analysis (including signal integrity and thermal), verification (considering electrical, assembly, and manufacturing constraints), and how these solutions work within the unified Pollex electronics part data management software.


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