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Presented on Wednesday, March 25th| 10AM PST

PCB systems are becoming increasingly more complex due to higher densities, speeds, frequencies and power. Standardization and supply chain control are also growing aspects. This increasing complexity requires more specialized and different engineering profiles, which translates into significant challenges and difficulties for such engineers to communicate and work effectively during the PCB development. On top of this, PCB design processes today are mainly based on sequential design flows involving multiple processes, each with a different tool and library per process.

In this webinar we will showcase Altair Pollex - a comprehensive EDA software solution that is based on an easy-to-use collaborative application, with unsurpassed connectivity to all the major ECAD solutions. Pollex is already the trusted go-to solution for many key global players such as Samsung, LG and Qualcomm - enabling them to quickly visualize and review PCB designs, and ultimately go to market faster. Pollex also provides a powerful and reliable solution to detect design faults in the early development stages that could cause electrical failures or occur during the manufacturing and assembly of PCBs.


This webinar is for you if you are looking to:
  • Significantly reduce the number of iterations from PCB design to manufacturing
  • Quickly visualize, review and compare PCB designs coming from major ECAD systems
  • Detect defects in the early design stage that may occur during the manufacturing and assembly of the board or repeatedly occur during the electrical analysis
  • Learn how leading electronic global organizations:
    • Securely communicate and collaborate when sharing and reviewing PCB designs
    • Work on an efficient collaboration environment with PCB verification capabilities, which has led to $6M / year savings
    • Track design changes to improve future designs and check the consistency of the selection of parts
    • Effectively share and manage PCB designs through PDM/PLM systems
    • Have established PCB design verification gates for external suppliers
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Dr. Jordi Soler, VP Global Business Development - Electromagnetic and Electronic Solutions

Dr. Jordi Soler is Vice President of Global Business Development for Altair's electromagnetic and electronic solutions. Jordi has 20+ years industrial experience and a strong background in electromagnetics, antennas, EMC, RCS, electronics and communication systems. He has occupied several business development and engineering management positions and led multiple product development projects for many industries, including automotive, aerospace, military, electronics, wireless and telecommunications. He has won several international awards and is co-inventor of +20 patents involved in licensing deals worth more than $70 million.

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