Practical Optimization for Aerospace Live Webinar Series

Practical Optimization for Aerospace

On-Demand Webinar Series

Aerospace belongs to explorers. We have been instrumental in pioneering innovative and complex technologies — and now, new methods fuse with old for entirely new processes that take us further than ever into the beyond.

In four 30-minute sessions, you will learn everything you need to know to begin implementing optimization techniques that are not only practical, but also transformative.

Register now to start exploring these new processes revolutionizing the industry. We encourage you to bring your questions to each session as our Altair experts demonstrate the capabilities of our solutions to solve your problems, increase efficiency, and improve your designs.

Explore Aerospace Optimization in 4-Parts

  • Plain and Simple Optimization
  • Aerostructures Architecture Optimization
  • Composite Optimization
  • Introducing AI/ML into Aerostructures

Plain and Simple Aersopace Optimization

Plain and Simple Optimization

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The aerospace industry is experiencing a transformation that is being accelerated by the exploration and development of emerging technologies with an eye towards sustainability, safety, and mobility. While this transformation is creating opportunities, it is also challenging the design process. The deployment of structural optimization methods can play a key role in augmenting the design process to ensure that design goals are met in the most efficient way.

In this webinar, we covered a range of different optimization solutions for aerospace structures including:

  • Designing for stress targets
  • Optimal Fail-Safe architectures
  • Lightweighting while ensuring structural integrity


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Aerostructures Architecture Optimization 700x500

Aerostructures Architecture Optimization

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Aerospace engineering has been at the forefront of modeling and design optimization due to the demand for higher performance with lighter weight.

During the lifetime of aircrafts, every redundant pound of weight costs the manufacturer thousands of dollars, and this cost arises due to additional fuel needs to carry extra mass limiting the amount of payload (passenger or cargo) the aircraft can transport. To build lighter aircrafts,  lightweight materials such as composites are used. However, the design of composite components can be complex as the material consists of different layers oriented in various directions resulting in countless possibilities to combine the material.

In this webinar, we presented how Altair optimization methods such as concept design, design finetuning, specific use-cases on fuselage, bulkhead, wing frame, etc., can be used to achieve design targets.


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Composite Optimization

Composite Optimization

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Composite materials have become the structural material of choice in many industries due to their improved strength to weight ratios compared to more traditional materials. A design methodology specific to composites is necessary to take full advantage of the unique performance and manufacturing capabilities of these materials. This webinar will present Altair’s composite optimization methodology which produces an efficient final design while meeting engineering requirements.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Identify efficient ply orientations and shapes for a given part
  • Determine the necessary number of each ply to meet engineering requirements
  • Produce a final, fully defined laminate for further analysis and manufacturing


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Introducing AI/ML into Aerostructures

Introducing AI/ML into Aerostructures

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered by Machine Learning (ML) can be used to improve product development and enterprise decision-making in the aerospace industry. Altair's solutions make it possible for you to use AI/ML without writing code, so you don't have to understand how the math methods work behind the scenes.

In this webinar, we discussed concrete and applicable AI/ML solutions that can help you:

  • Improve CAE processes
  • Reduce repetitive tasks
  • Make real-time predictions
  • Emulate engineering expertise


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Warren Dias

Director of Global OptiStruct Business Development

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Ujwal Patnaik

Global Business Development & Strategy Manager

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Rob Jopson

Senior Product Manager - Composites

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Diana Mavrudieva

Lead Specialist - Design Exploration