Accelerate your Workflow with Multi-physics Modelling in Altair SimLab

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The repeated manual preparation of a model for analysis every time a design is changed can be a major source of frustration for Engineering teams that can extend the product development process unnecessarily. This webinar will introduce you to Altair SimLab, a process-oriented multidisciplinary simulation environment that can drastically improve pre-processing efficiency, cutting modelling time down to just a few minutes.

Through a mix of presentations and live demonstrations, this 60 minute session reveals how Altair SimLab can streamline your model build workflows, addressing common pre-processing challenges in highly complex models, and enable your team to focus on analysing results rather than cleaning up mesh.

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Attend and Learn:

  • How SimLab can eliminate manual solid meshing, model setup, solver execution and post-processing for high accuracy and consistency across your organisation
  • How geometry modifications, part variants and assembly updates are easily managed via SimLab's bi-directional CAD coupling
  • How SimLab can solve statics, dynamics, heat transfer, fluid flow, and electromagnetic problems in minutes directly from within its intuitive user environment

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Altair SimLab Case Study:
Reducing Model Creation Time from 2 weeks to ½ Day at BMW Motorrad 




"The traditional FE modeling process was migrated to a complete Altair SimLab process, which reduced model creation time for BMW by about 80%."

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