Live Webinar - Wednesday, June 26 | 10am EDT


Aircraft Radome Characterization and Optimization via Multiphysics Simulation 

When it comes to aircraft design, engineers must meet standard requirements and consider every scenario. Would the airplane be safe to fly in extreme weather? What if the plane collides with a bird? From takeoff to landing, every potential threat needs to be tested and resolved before design is approved.

Thanks to technological advancements and cost reduction efforts, aerospace parts are often designed to perform multiple functions. One of these parts is called the nosecone radome, which is a large, thin-walled structure that surrounds a radar antenna. The nosecone radome is designed to protect the aircraft’s weather antenna without effecting the underlying radar's signal, as well as serve as an integral part of the aircraft’s aerodynamic shape. 

In this webinar we will explain and demonstrate a multiphysics simulation approach using the Altair HyperWorksTM platform for the analysis of airborne radomes for electromagnetic , structural, aerodynamic, and bird strike performances.


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