Flux Power Grid Equipment Webinar Series

Safe and Flexible Distribution : Smart Grid Equipment Design

Presented by:  Cyril Favre - Lead Application Engineer - EM Solutions


This webinar was presented on 22 March 2018

Brief Description 

From power plants that regulate their power output, to the coordination of centralized and decentralized energy supplies and fluctuations in power needs - Smart Grid is gaining importance and is expected to provide on-demand management.

Power safety and control equipment play a key role in this new challenge, which means switchgears, electric switchboards, contactors have to communicate and work  together more. Flux will help with the design and integration of sensors, switches and relays in such devices, to be safe, communicant, reliable, easily integrated and compatible with other equipment already in place.

Webinar Outline

    • Electromagnetic design – An easy integrated workflow
      • Current sensor
      • High sensitivity relays
      • High speed Thomson effect actuator for switchgear applications
      • Linear actuator for contactor applications
    • Optimization of electromagnetic design
      • Examples taking into account moving parts according to a specific mechanical load
    • Coupling with the system to take control into account
      • Table exchange
      • Co-simulation

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