Optimize Your Software Investment with Altair SAO  

Altair SAO

Optimize your software investment with the easy-to-use Altair SAO license management solution. With SAO, you get advanced reporting and analytics that enable data-driven decisions.

  • Out-of-the-box, rapid-deploy solution
  • Distributed license analysis & reporting
  • Cost allocation analysis for chargebacks

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Altair SAO Predict

Add on the Altair SAO Predict module to get license costs under control. The SAO Predict tool systematically collects, visualizes, analyzes, and optimizes your software license inventories.

  • Tuning for your existing setup
  • Parameter adjustment for optimization
  • Tools for future capacity planning

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Forecast the Future

With Altair SAO Predict





Why Altair SAO and SAO Predict
Your business can't afford wasted software licenses or long resource queues.
License Optimization

Visualize and analyze global software inventories.
Monitor, analyze, and optimize license usage across facilities, divisions, departments, and users. With SAO, it’s easy to pinpoint underutilized assets for better business planning and forecasting.

Reporting & Analytics

Get 70+ alerts and reports with the SAO web portal.
SAO gives you a bird’s-eye view of license usage including a summary report plus yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, and 5-minute reporting — plus extensive drill-down capabilities. 

Future Planning

SAO Predict is a new approach to exploring configurations.
Our "what-if" simulator is a virtual license manager that uses data generated by SAO to study the effect of controllable parameters on software licensing system performance.

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Watch our on-demand webinar to learn about the newest features in the latest version of Altair SAO, and discover the power of Altair SAO Predict. 


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