About Software Asset Optimization 

Software licenses account for a significant percentage of your organization's operating costs. And, because maintaining the optimal quantity across fluctuating teams that span offices, countries and even continents is often done with the 'best guess' approach, licenses are a perfect place to start if you're looking for ways to make immediate reductions on your bottom line.

With Altair's software asset optimization tool, Altair SAO, you can easily view how your licenses are being used, by specific teams and at a global scale. Altair SAO provides 70+ reports that make it easy for you to analyze, report, predict, and most importantly right-size your investments.

Make an Immediate Impact on Your Bottom Line

Take a look at the chart below for a tiny snippet of what Altair SAO is capable of. This micro data set was created from real user data, tracking usage of one CAE license that runs around $4,000/seat. For this team, it's clear that two out of thirteen paid licenses receive 0% utilization, a quick way to save an immediate $8,000

Further analysis reveals more potential for savings even in within this small team. Assuming impact on the team's productivity is not impacted by the negligible amount of hours 9, 10 and 11 licenses were used, the team has an opportunity to save on three additional licenses, bringing savings potential $20,000 - with one simple report.

Usage Efficiency Transparent1

Simple Reporting for Global Impact

Extrapolate these results across the thousands of licenses and team members within your organization, and it’s easy to see why SAO customers frequently see cost savings in the hundreds of thousands. At a fraction of the cost of competitive solutions, Altair SAO makes it easy to right-size your software investments at a global scale, to facilitate charge backs, implement department hierarchies and user roles, and even to forecast exactly how many licences your organization needs for given workloads in the future by using SAO Predict.

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