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Navigate and Debug Design Complexity with Speed and Precision

Designing and debugging modern ICs is highly complex and exhaustive, requiring companies to assemble large design and verification teams to identify and resolve issues. Solutions that provide precision debugging and design accuracy enable companies to locate and fix problems before the manufacturing stage, saving time and costs.

Altair Silicon Debug Tools provide high capacity and performance for rapid debugging of complex designs, significantly accelerating the development cycle. An industry leader in digital, analog, and mixed-signal design and debugging, Silicon Debug Tools handles an exceptional range of design abstractions from system, RTL, gate, and transistors commensurate with modern SoC platforms.

Combined with open API customization options and cost-effective Altair Units licensing flexibility, Silicon Debug Tools offers the most flexible and comprehensive design and debugging solution companies need to ensure product reliability while maintaining lower development costs.

Silicon Debug Tools

Altair Silicon DebugTools individual components: StarVision® PRO, RTLvision® PRO, SpiceVision® PRO, and GateVision® PRO are available with Altair's flexible and scalable licensing system.  

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Altair Silicon DebugTools

starvision pro semiconductor chip debugging

StarVision® PRO

Visualize and debug mixed mode and IP-integrated, complex SoC designs 

StarVision PRO enables engineers to quickly and easily understand and debug mixed-mode designs and integrate IP building blocks into their complex SoCs and ICs. With rapid cause-effect analysis for efficient functional analysis, this advanced debug platform seamlessly combines SPICE and transistor analysis from SpiceVision PRO with digital RTL and gates from RTLvision PRO. Fully customizable, it can handle the most complex SoC designs.

rtlvision pro electronics semiconductor 3d rendering

RTLvision® PRO

Quickly Debug, Enhance, and Fine-Tune Your System Verilog and VHDL RTL Code.

RTLvision® PRO simplifies the visualization of large RTL designs, including third-party IP and reused blocks. Generate detailed graphical renderings of RTL code structures for rapid visualization of all design functionality. With support for SystemVerilog, VHDL, and Verilog, RTLvision PRO provides a wide range of debug views, including waveform displays, interactive cone of influence windows, and other displays for a complete 360° view of the device.

spicevision pro transistor-level debugger

SpiceVision® PRO

High Capacity Transistor-Level Debugger and Viewer

SpiceVision PRO transforms SPICE netlists and models into easy-to-read transistor-level schematics, circuit fragments, and design documentation to streamline circuit design, debugging, and optimization at the transistor level. 

SPICE circuits and models, the common currency of the EDA world, are necessary to describe the circuit at the lowest component abstraction level: the transistors, capacitors, resistors and even the interconnect that makes up an IC or IP components. Increasingly complex designs result in difficult-to-read or understand SPICE files. SpiceVision PRO automatically generates visual circuit schematics that simplify and accelerate the debugging process, helping to resolve design problems in digital circuits, mixed-signal ASICs, analog circuits, printed circuit boards and MEMS.

3D simulation of semiconductor chip for gatevision pro

GateVision® PRO

High-Performance Gate-Level Netlist Analysis and Viewing

GateVision PRO is a graphical, gate-level netlist analyzer and viewer capable of managing and simplifying the largest designs and SoCs. GateVision PRO provides a range of powerful debug and comprehension capabilities that include intuitive design navigation, netlist viewing, waveform viewing, logic cone extraction, and interactive logic cone viewing for netlist debugging and design documentation.

Silcon Debug Tools Gallery

StarVision PRO SoC View

StarVision PRO

System on Chip (SoC) View

Star Vision SoC debugging visualization

StarVision PRO

Mixed-mode, RTL, SPICE and post-layout level debugging

RTLvision Pro screenshot for interactive signal tracing

RTLvision PRO

Interactive Signal Tracing View

RTLvision PRO schreenshot of clock tree extraction view

RTLvision PRO

Clock tree extraction view

GateVision PRO screenshot for gate-level netlist analysis

GateVision PRO

Gate-level netlist analysis and view with logic cone extraction

SpiceVision PRO screenshot of circuit path cone window

SpiceVision PRO

Targeted critical circuit areas and paths with cone window view

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Silicon Debug Tools (StarVision Pro, RTLvision Pro, SpiceVision Pro, and GateVision Pro) are integrated into Altair’s Electronic System Design suite and available via Altair Units, which gives customers easy access to Altair’s entire portfolio of software solutions.

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