Unifying CAE Modeling, Nonlinear Analysis and Multiphysics with Altair SimLab


Powerful Modeling and Multiple Physics in One Intuitive Platform!

A growing number of companies aspire to perform multiphysics, but each added analysis tool introduces new complexity to a development process. Model translation, remeshing, design modification – these tasks offer no added value and increase the likelihood of error. Altair SimLab enables users to model and solve multiple physics, including nonlinear analysis, within one unified platform. Each analysis runs from one master model, allowing you to spend less time prepping and more time solving. Join the webinar to see these powerful workflows in action.

In this webinar, we demo the design of a smart speaker with an emphasis on nonlinear analysis and improving perceived quality through squeak, rattle, and buzz simulation.



Why SimLab Matters:

  • Instead of tedious geometry clean-up, modeling work is performed directly on the geometry via the bi-directional CAD coupling
  • Highly efficient feature recognition algorithms, process-oriented automation templates and an intuitive graphical user interface dramatically speed up the model build phase
  • Perform multiple physics including linear and nonlinear structural, thermal, and fluid dynamics analysis in one integrated UI
  • Optimization enabled

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