Boost Simulation Productivity with SimSolid

Enhance Your Product Development Process with Rapid Design Point Analysis

By performing structural analyses on fully featured CAD assemblies within minutes, SimSolid is the game-changing simulation technology for designers, engineers, and analysts. It eliminates geometry preparation and meshing: the two most time-consuming, expertise-intensive, and error-prone tasks performed in a conventional structural simulation.

GE logoJoin our special guest speaker from GE, Luis Guillermo Vidriales Escobar, during the Accelerate your Digital Transformation webinar as he discusses the preliminary design evaluation of complex systems. Select boundary hardware that is going to be included in HFC analysis, is a critical step that normally relies on analyst experience. There are internal practices widely accepted to do so but having a more accurate prediction of natural frequencies while including more components in a more complex layout, has been found to be helpful to take important decisions toward a more accurate FEA. Altair SimSolid was used to evaluate natural frequencies on a complex system that contained a potential redesign in a tube.

Traditional verse SimSolid CAD approach

Democratizing Simulation to Accelerate Product Development

SimSolid has consistently proven to shorten the design development time by 20x-100x. Computational simulation has been used for several decades to reduce product development time and costs, but the technology that enables it has a fundamental limitation that requires a traditional mesh. Performing structural simulation requires creating a finite element model that involves geometry cleanup, simplification, and meshing, which are time consuming and expert-intensive tasks. It is because of these limitations, that simulation has been used widely in the validation phase and is mostly disconnected from design development.

Join this session with Uwe Schramm, Chief Vision Officer, and Girish Mudigonda, Product Manager, to learn more about SimSolid’s capabilities and its impact on design development.

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SimSolid -Aerospace Demo

Accelerate your Digital Transformation

Simulation by finite element analysis, though many decades old, still requires the labor and time-intensive steps of geometry preparation, traditional meshing, and ever-growing compute resources – all bottlenecks which provide no value to the design process. 

Altair SimSolid addresses these major roadblocks by providing a truly modern and revolutionary solution by generalizing FEA theory with “external approximations” methodology. Join this webinar to hear from Joshua Pennington, Sr. Technical Account Manager, and learn about the benefits SimSolid is bringing to the aerospace and defense industries.

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SimSolid - Reduce Simulation Design time for EV

Slashing Design Simulation Times for Electric Vehicles ​

SimSolid allows users to rapidly evaluate electric vehicle systems like body structures, electric motors, electrical hardware, and batteries upfront in the design stage with incredible accuracy.

In this webinar, Paul Zambito, an Application Engineer, will show you how to analyze complex electric vehicle systems without the burden of traditional CAE preprocessing and therefore reducing design simulation time. 

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SimSolid Demo Efficient Design Point Analysis of Electronics

Efficient Design Point Analysis of Electronics

As simulation continues to play a bigger role in the design cycle of electronics, designers and simulation experts want simulation tools that can quickly deliver results with confidence.  With traditional simulation toolsets requiring defeatured CAD and quality meshes from experts with years of experience, SimSolid changes the game allowing designers and engineers to analyze fully featured CAD without any mesh in significantly less time. 

In this webinar, Evan Christensen, Sr. Technical Account Manager, will show two examples:

  • Modal and shock analyses on a complex printed circuit board (PCB) to assess structural weaknesses.
  • A non-linear contact analysis on a pair of Augmented Reality (AR) glasses to assess changes in projector angles.

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SimSolid Industrial Model

Simulate Under High Pressure – Fast Results for Complex Machines

Learn about Altair SimSolid, a full-featured structural analysis software that can efficiently analyze complex parts and large assemblies on a desktop-class computer. It eliminates geometric simplification and meshing, the two most time-consuming tasks of other simulation software and embedded CAD solutions. The solution is both fast and accurate, helping to produce meaningful results in seconds to minutes.  Join Simon Zwingert, a Technical Consultant, in this webinar as he showcases the rapid simulation of three assemblies with up to 1100 parts. 

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SimSolid Computer Model

Best Practices for Reliable and Consistent Results

A reliable solution is the fundamental factor in any industry to make informed design decisions. In the case of traditional simulation tools, it depends on clean CAD, quality mesh, and several solution inputs from the user.  

Ever wondered if the semi-automated and blazing fast SimSolid yields reliable results and how? Please join this webinar and learn from Gouthami Polina, an Application Specialist, as she provides insights into the best practices to achieve reliable and consistent results with Altair SimSolid

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