5 Reasons to Switch to Altair SimSolid®

SimSolid is a virtual testing environment and structural analysis solution developed specifically for rapidly evolving design processes. It enables the analysis of extremely complex and fully-featured CAD assemblies on a desktop class computer, providing accurate results in seconds to minutes. 
Why switch to SimSolid for your design process? 
  1. Explore More: The extreme speed of SimSolid allows you to run and compare numerous design options quickly and efficiently. Your setup and loading conditions are automatically applied to any updates on CAD geometry.

  2. Design Faster: SimSolid is built to be used in the concept development phase of design. By introducing simulation early in the product development process, you can confidently make design decision without compromising performance and risking time-consuming and costly redesign iterations. With SimSolid, model preparation is done in minutes.

  3. Design Confidently: SimSolid is incredibly accurate, it allows you to predict product performance and uncover any costly flaws or areas of improvement early on in the design process.

  4. Analysis Directly on CAD: With SimSolid, there is no need to simplify your CAD geometry, for the most accurate and efficient results, run simulations directly on fully featured CAD geometry.

  5. No Hardware Investment: SimSolid runs directly on your CAD workstation there is no need to invest in expensive hardware or GPUs.
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