Thu, 14 March, 2019 Hilton Chennai |

Time: 05:30pm  onwards. 

Simulation Technology has been a go-to technology in product design & development to predict field failures and avoid expensive testing. This is true to all large companies in sectors of automotive & aerospace housing a well-established R&D with skilled workforce. When it comes to sectors involving Large Complex Assemblies or Fabricated Structures, applying traditional simulation technology often involves time and skilled workforce to derive meaningful benefits. Also, traditional simulation renders itself best once the design is frozen.

All that is is set to change with SIMSOLID - Meshless Simulation Technology. Impact Product Design right when it is unfolding with a game-changing simulation technology for fast, accurate, and robust structural simulation without requiring geometry simplification, cleanup, or meshing.

Altair SIMSOLID is structural analysis software developed specifically for design engineers. It eliminates geometry simplification and meshing, the two most time consuming and expertise extensive tasks done in traditional FEA. Altair SIMSOLID can analyze complex parts and large assemblies not practical with traditional FEA and do it efficiently on a desktop class computer.

Why you should Attend?

Attend the Seminar and learn how:

  • SIMSOLID can help to speed up and eliminate geometry simplification and meshing.
  • To set up an analysis in SIMSOLID to get simulation results in mere seconds.
  • To use SIMSOLID to analyze complex parts and assemblies hereto not feasible in traditional FEA.
  • To use SIMSOLID to analyze complex parts and assemblies.
  • SIMSOLID can be used early in the concept design process to shape design changes.

Who Should Attend?

  • Design & Simulation Managers in Heavy Industry, Special Purpose Machines / Heavy Engineering, Oil & Gas, EPC contractors, AEC- Architecture Engineering and Construction - Construction Equipment/Cranes.
  • Responsible for design of Large Fabricated Structures.
  • Responsible for Large Complex Assemblies with multiple Assemblies.

EXPERIENCE SimSolid Live on Your Model

We invite you to get your Large Complex / Fabricated Models with Boundary Conditions along with Material Properties to Experience FIRST HAND the SimSolid Technology at the event. Models should be clean and in native CAD formats - viz. SOLIDWORKS / SOLID EDGE / CATIA / UG / PRO E and other industry leading CAD formats.

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