WEBINAR ON-DEMAND: Single Model, Multi-Attribute Analysis & Optimization Workflow
Presented by: Girish Mudigonda, Application Specialist - Altair

Recorded on: Wednesday, November 14th 


Over the past 25 years, Altair OptiStruct has evolved into a highly-capable and competitive solver with comprehensive analysis capabilities including linear, nonlinear, and multiphysics analysis. 

The hour long webinar focused on streamlining analysis workflows and address NVH, durability, fatigue, and optimization requirements, all within the same solver environment and using just one input format. 

Expect the webinar to provide detailed technical information regarding:

  • Single model, multi-attribute analysis and optimization workflow for NVH, durability, and fatigue load cases
  • Latest enhancements for nonlinear analysis
  • Optimization advancements for durability load cases including responses such as:
    • Plastic strain
    • Neuber correction for plasticity
    • Permanent set
    • Gasket pressure, contact pressure, etc for powertrain


This webinar is part of a series on Nonlinear Optimization Analysis, click here.



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