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Smart Grid Applications

Altair’s solutions help to optimize the electromagnetic, electrical, thermal, and mechanical performance of the grid’s equipment.
By using our software, thousands of engineers are creating a new generation of easy to integrate, flexible electrical devices able to meet the ever-changing needs of our modern world.

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Efficient Energy Generation

From conventional to renewable energy, from large-scale power plants to in-house systems, energy generation has to be efficient and sustainable to supply the grid and support the different needs.


Whatever the source of energy is, the generators should convert motive power into as much electrical power as possible. From a few kW to MW, FluxTM can perform electromagnetic analysis that enables  increased generator performance, while still remaining light enough to be positioned on a wind turbine, or integrated into tidal equipment.

Moreover, the coupling to Altair software will enable users to address multi-domain optimization to improve overall installation efficiency, optimize the fluid flow energy transmission to the equipment, predict the best gear ratio to the generator to optimize production, optimize its cooling, etc.


Hard to access equipment has to maintain their performance over the time. Therefore, extending their service life and averting any downtime that could affect production remains a necessity.

Flux™ can be used to build fault tolerant generators for the latest generation of tidal equipment. Major faults in the machine such as abnormal connections in the windings or rotor eccentricities, can be reproduced by simulation. The impact of the faults on the motor operation, as well as non-invasive fault detection methods can be evaluated for remote monitoring.

Since generators are integrated in more global systems, couplings within the Altair suite enables the prediction of various type of interactions, such as the impact on the wind pressure on pales transmitter to the rotor axis, resonance vibrations impacting a structure, etc.

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- Altair delivers global solutions that enables our  customers to meet the world’s energy demands for safely, both responsibly and economically

Photo credit: Schneider Electric

“The addition of Flux into the Altair suite is a great opportunity because we bring more complexity into our product and accessing a complete suite of software will help us to simulate the global behavior of the system.”

– Remy Orban - Mechatronic Designer 
Schneider Electric

MW generator 3D analysis using Flux non meshed coils & periodicities

 Altair provides a variety of techonology to the energy industry

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Reliable Energy Transmission

Aging transmission infrastructure has to be modernized to deliver electricity more reliably and efficiently. Offshore wind farms with undersea power connection have to prevent water warming and negative environmental impacts. Asset owners of the ecosystem such as manufacturers, service providers, and government offices have to consider the multiple challenge around energy transmission.

The analysis of cables, lines and bus bars involves several physical domains and constraints such as magnetic, electric, thermal and power networks fields. Altair provides software solutions for in-depth analysis to predict different phenomenon:

  • Magnetic: radiated field, magnetic field, power system quality, kin and proximity effects …
  • Electric: breakdown electric field, current sharing, over-voltages…
  • Thermal: heating based on skin effect, thermal networks, thermal conditions in submarine cables…

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Transformer thermal analysis
with Flux3D

Arc chamber study with Flux electric solver

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Flexible Distribution

From power plants that regulate their power output to the coordination of centralized and decentralized energy supplies and fluctuations in power needs - Smart Grid is gaining importance and is expected to provide on-demand management. Taking the energy network from high voltage power to low voltage power should be an efficient and flexible  process.

Power safety and control equipment play a key role in this new challenge, which means switchgears, electric switchboards, contactors have to communicate and work more together. Flux will help with the design and integration of sensors, switches and relays in such devices, to be safe, communicant, reliable, easily integrated and compatible with other equipment already in place.

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Current sensor modelling


Contactor actuator design

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Extended Connected Services

Offering higher level of service

Equipment remote monitoring has become a key to give the grid the necessary flexibility to adapt the provision of high power while controlling the local electrical production. From load balancing to peak curtailment and time of use pricing, IoT platform has become strategic to support demand response and develop new services.

Carriots is an Application Enablement Platform (AEP) specially designed to develop, deploy and maintain Smart Grid or Smart Cities projects. Carriots makes it very easy to collect data from connected equipment, store it, and build powerful applications.

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Digital Twin to optimize performance

Dynamic digital representations, also called “digital twin”, use sensor data to mirror equipment in order to understand and optimize their performance.
Thanks to the integration of Carriots with the other Altair products, co-engineering interacting networks of physical and computational components can increase the engineers experience in understanding and predicting. This new process impacts product lifecycle improvements, set-up new competitive advantages, saves time, reduces total cost of ownership and drives more profits.

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Carriot IoT platform supporting Smart Grid applications


Altair platforms offer a tight integration between the essential parts of a digital twin process

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