ATCx Simulate at the Speed of Design 2024

Looking to Cut Down Development Time and Lower Costs for Your Next Product?

By leveraging CAE, FEA simulation technologies early in the development process, you can expedite the creation of high-performance, profitable products. However, we also understand the challenges you may face selecting the right simulation solution and implementing it effectively, especially with limited resources.

If you are a SMB/SME organisation, contemplating implementing simulation (CAE, FEA) for the first time, or facing issues with speed and accuracy while using CAD embedded simulation tools, or looking to delve into multi-physics analysis, here is a collection of presentation recordings from the ATCx Simulate at the Speed of Design - Virtual Event that took place on May 16, 2024. Watch the recordings and discover how Small and Medium (SMB/SME ) industries around the world use Altair's Simulation-driven Design and Manufacturing.

Here are highlights from the past Simulate at the Speed of Design” events of 20232021 and 2020

Track 1: Simulation Starters


A session designed for those who do not currently use simulation technologies, are outsourcing most/all of their analysis, or still use limited CAD embedded simulation tools. Here you can understand the benefits of the technologies from companies that have recently implemented simulation using Altair SimSolid; and through interactive sessions, experience how easy it is to get started, even with limited resources or on the Cloud.

Expert Chat: SimSolid Cloud - Simulate Anywhere
Girish Mudigonda - Product Manager, SimSolid, Altair
Warren Dias - Director of Global OptiStruct Business Development, Altair 

Ricardo Dominguez - Solution Engineer, Altair

  1. Global Stress Analysis of a Winch Grillage
    Sonny Cowing - Graduate Mechanical Engineer, ACE Winches
  2. Evaluation of vehicle seat Squeak and Rattle using Altair SimSolid
    Kyungsoo Kim - Senior Engineer, Daewonsanup
  3. Design Development time slashed by 70% using Altair SimSolid
    Harshal Kulkarni - Engineering Manager, Modulift, UK
  4. Global Optimization: Simulation and Redesign of the Bus Door Support
    Roberto Aldaz - Structural Coordinator, Carrocerias IMCE
    Gabriel Poveda - Design and Development Coordinator, Carrocerias IMCE


700x400-Track-Simulation Driven-Design

Track 2: Simulation-Driven Design

Learn from other small and medium design and engineering teams how simulation can be applied early in the product development lifecycle, to rapidly accelerate the creation and optimization of structurally efficient parts, systems, and assemblies. Attend this session to see how a simulation-driven design approach, using Altair Inspire, can reduce your development time while saving development and manufacturing costs.

Expert Chat: Accelerate Simulation-Driven Design with Altair Inspire
Jaideep Bangal - Director GTT, Altair
Moderator: Simone Bonino – VP of Business Development Manufacturing Solutions, Altair

Carolina Lara Silva - Technical Specialist Aerospace, Altair

  1. Altair Inspire Accelerate Locomotive Product Development
    Luying Zhang - Senior Engineer, CRRC Qiqihar Rolling Stock Co., Ltd.
  2. Big Castings, Big Challenges: Strategies for Accelerated Gigacasting Development
    Thomas Spoida - Founder and CEO, Bionic Mesh Design GmbH
  3. Lightweighting an Aircraft Casting Through Topology Optimization: A Case Study
    Thomas Mueller - President, Mueller AMS

Track 3: Exploring Multiphysics

Unleash the full power of simulation by exploring the behavior of your products in any possible working condition to maximize performance and improve robustness. Through examples and best practices, find out how Altair SimLab based easy-to-use Multiphysics solutions can inject innovation, and how our unique token-based licensing model makes it highly cost-effective.

Expert Chat: Handling Multiphysics Workflows with CAD Associativity in Altair SimLab
Ashish Sridhar - Product Manager SimLab Electromagnetics, Altair
Moderator: Katelyn Hunter – Solution Engineer, Altair 

Demonstration - SimLab use Cases (Structures, Thermal, Electronics, Motor)

D V Siddharth – SimLab Specialist – Electronics, Altair
Bharadwaj Gundepudi – Senior Application Engineer, Altair

  1. How BeonD Identifies Cell Thermal Runaway Behavior with SimLab
    Luigi Scrimieri - CAE Specialist Engineer, BeonD
  2. Comparison of Flange Stress Calculated by ASME Design Code & FEM using SimLab
    Jongseung Kim - Senior Engineer, HD Hyundai Construction Equipment

Track 4: Manufacturing Simulation

With a SDFM approach, product designers can be confident in their chosen manufacturing method because design flaws can be detected much earlier and corrected before any physical prototyping has to be done. In this session find out how to plan for the manufacturing process and understand critical parameters, Defects and issues, and challenges. Also, ideas of enhancing your manufacturing process, targeting, improved Yield, optimal energy, lowering wastage, improving tool life, and enhancing production quality for Forming/Stamping and Casting.

Expert Chat: Simulation-Driven Design for Manufacturing

Ravi Kunju - Chief Product and Strategy Officer, Altair
Moderator: Simone Bonino - VP of Business Development Manufacturing Solutions, Altair


  1. Accelerated Die Development for Gravity Tilt Pouring Through Inspire Cast: A Case Study in Automotive Casting
    Shivaji Pawar - Managing Director, Shiva ToolTech
  2. Forming Defect Prediction and Die Design Improvement for an Automotive Rail Part
    Dr. Cheng-Hsien Yu, National Kaohsiung University of Science & Technology
  3. Identifying Shrinkage Porosity and Reducing Physical try-outs using Inspire Cast​
    Marcela Molinari Rathsan​ - Responsible for Metallurgical Laboratory, FAIG
  4. Manufacturing Feasibility / Process Simulation with Altair Inspire Form
    Gökhan Cetinkaya - CEO - Presskon Engineering, GmbH

Keynote Presenations


Power to the Creators: How a Design for Additive Manufacturing Future Makes IP King

Pavan Muzumdar - Chief Operating Officer, Automation Alley

Watch Presentation


Driving Product Innovations in Small and Medium Enterprises: Powered by Simulation-driven Design and Manufacturing

Sandeepak Natu - Co-Director, Simulation-driven Systems Development Practice, CIMdata

Watch Presentation


Simulation at the Speed of Design

Ravi Kunju - Chief Product and Strategy Officer, Altair

Watch Presentation


AI Meets Physics - Altair PhysicsAI

Fatma Kocer - VP, Engineering Data Science - Altair

Watch Presentation


The TRICK to Digital Twin Technology Adoption

Keshav Sundaresh - Global Director of Product Management Digital Twin & MBSE, Altair

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