Altair's Model Mesher Director (MMD) is designed to reduce modeling time by allowing the user to quickly perform a range of pre-processing activities. Using the MMD, users can rapidly simplify the geometry, mesh the model, create 1D connections, assign materials and properties and much more. By streamlining time-consuming modeling tasks, analysts can concentrate on more value added activities, spending more time investigating analysis results and providing design insight.

Current users of MMD have reported time savings from 6-7 days down to 24 hours compared to their traditional process. See if the MMD can streamline your model build activities, attend this information 40 minute webinar.

Who should attend:
Engineering managers and team leaders who want to streamline pre-processing activities and allow the engineer to focus on the interpretation and understanding of critical results.

Learn how Altair's Model Mesher Solution can:

  • Reduce model pre-processing time by 60%
  • Accelerate model meshing activities and automatically creates 1D connections
  • Allow 1 click material assignment through an intuitive user interface

Wednesday, November 5, 2014 @ 10:00 AM ET (3:00 PM GMT, 4:00 PM CET)

Venu Ravula - Project Manager, Altair



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