StressCheck Tutorial Videos

benchmarking-by-FEA (Video Length: 6:30)

In this video a benchmarking-by-FEA case study is performed for a tension bar of circular cross section with a semi-circular groove

StressCheck Demo_ Benchmarking 3D Stress Concentration Factors via Numerical Simulation


Simulation Technology Differentiators (Video Length: 3:34)

Learn what differentiates StressCheck's simulation technology from traditional FEA software in this short video.

GUI Walkthrough (Video Length: 9:22)

Get started with StressCheck's GUI by watching this 10-minute navigational walk through.

Import CAD and Analyze Stress (Video Length: 14:54)

Introductory StressCheck tutorial demonstrating importation of solid CAD geometry for 3D high-fidelity stress analysis. In this video, we will be covering how to import a featured CAD geometry, automesh, apply material properties and distributed boundary conditions, automatically refine our linear solution on a fixed mesh, and dynamically process results to assess convergence of stresses.


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