Sustainability and Climate Protection Through Digitalization

Altair Presents Simulation and AI-Driven Plastics Engineering at K 2022

Altair - Digitalization Enablers


Investing in digitization means investing for success, and the plastic industry needs powerful tools for the development process and beyond.
Altair’s broad, powerful technology portfolio enables sustainable product design, helps organizations transform the plastics value chain, and meet the industry’s sustainability and climate protection goals. It also helps organizations:

  • Substitute materials
  • Increase recycled material usage rates
  • Assess and reduce carbon footprint


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Customer Testimonials and Stories

Holistic Carbon Footprint Assessment and Reduction



“The CO2 Tracker project from motan and Altair is the first integrated approach to map the complete production process and provides true material data transparency by capturing the actual processing data.

Sandra Füllsack CEO, motan group


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Circular Product Development

Simulation Driven Desing at Alpla realizing sustainable packaging solutions.


“Simulation was the key enabler for this 100% circular packaging system, driving the exploration of new ideas and accelerating the entire development in a cost-effective manner.”

Oliver Unterlechner, Ideation Manager, Corporate Development & Innovation, ALPLA


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Material Substitution

Metal to Plastic Materila Substitution X-plast for Knorr-Bremse-process


“Altair’s complete engineering and CAE workflows for lightweight design and material substitution enable sustainable design.”


Viktor Seres, CEO, X-Plast


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Reducing is Better than Recycling

TopologyOptimization as development Strategy at Sika enables material reduction.


“We follow the motto: Reducing is better than recycling! We implemented Altair’s topology optimization processes as generative design strategy for sustainable plastic products.”


 Stephan Niggemann, Expert Structural Systems, Sika


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Better Together - SIMCON Joins the Altair Partner Alliance

Bolstering Altair’s Polymer Engineering Suite

Simcon Cadmold Software in use on 2 screens

The addition of SIMCON’s advanced simulation technology gives Altair customers a broader, more powerful set of virtual injection molding tools that integrate with other simulation-guided product design tools such as structural solvers, thermal solvers, crash testing software, and metrology software.

This will foster proactive collaboration between departments and part and mold designers, which will minimize issues and costly mold corrections.


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