The Secret Lives of Models

Gael Salles | Director of Computer Aided Product Engineering Technology, Schneider Electric

In the context of a rapidly changing landscape in the Energy domain, the development or upgrade of an offer that can sustain new requirements is challenged by factors such as the increase in the complexity of use cases, inter-discipline dependencies, and the emergence of different asset management approaches. 

Although the core business is rarely changed drastically, the offer proposition to the end customer represents a paradigm shift. Many legacy aspects of offers will become commodities while all functionalities that are related to sustainability will gain in importance. To support these changes, Engineering Disciplines must combine continuous improvement of their core competencies with an extension of scope.  

After a brief introduction of the changes in the Energy Landscape, an analysis of the life of models will be presented from the viewpoint of system engineering. Along with the paradigm shift in the use of models, the power of the multidisciplinary use of models will be approached such as for Design Space Exploration, Verification-Validation for cyber-Physical offer or maintenance purposes. 

One of the key success factors of this silent but strong evolution is the correct usage of models. This change in how models are used can be quite subtle. It is all about the secret life of models. 


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