The World is Built on Engineering

Dr. Uwe Schramm & James Dagg | CTOs, Altair


Engineering is in almost everything we touch, a part of every human experience. It’s in the planes and trains we travel in, the cars we drive and the appliances we use every day.

Engineering advanced products requires a meticulous, multiphysics development process, in which products are simulated, optimized, challenged and then challenged again, leaving no room for the design to fail. That’s where Altair and Altair’s technologies make all the difference.

Enabled by a broad simulation portfolio, an exceptional user experience, and the effective utilization of high-performance computing, Altair’s innovation platform addresses all simulation needs throughout the product lifecycle. While broad in scope, Altair’s software technology is open, customizable, and accessible to users at all levels.

This presentation will illustrate the power of Altair’s simulation technology through several practical examples applied to some of the most common product development challenges in automotive, aerospace, and other industries.

Starting with simulation in the early phases of concept design, designers can take advantage of CFD simulation to explore and validate how different designs impact the aerodynamic performance of a vehicle. Viewers will be shown how complex, detailed nonlinear airframe simulations can be modeled and performed quickly and accurately. The presenters will also explain how multiphysics problems like e-powertrain development can be solved with a model-based development approach, which considers electrical and electro-magnetic simulation of systems and sub-systems.

This presentation was recorded at the Global ATC in Paris, France on October 17, 2018.

Altair CTOs, Dr. Uwe Schramm and James Dagg, present their keynote at the 2018 Global Altair Technology Conference.

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