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TracePro is a powerful illumination and non-imaging optical design and analysis program with an easy-to-use graphical interface. Its solid modeling, Monte Carlo ray tracing, and optimization features make it a versatile tool for illumination designers and optical analysts.

TracePro’s analysis tools include Irradiance/Illuminance Maps, Candela Plots, Luminance Maps, Polarization Maps, and Ray Tables. The Path Sorting feature enables users to learn what is happening in their design. Photorealistic Rendering enables visualization of lit appearance. The 3D Interactive Optimizer enables automatic optimization of the shape of a lens or reflector to achieve a set of weighted performance targets.

About Lambda Research Corporation

Lambda Research Corporation sets itself apart as a cost effective, single source solution for optical and illumination design. Lambda sells TracePro®, opto-mechanical software differentiated by its ease-of-use, CAD interface and accuracy in illumination design and RayViz™, an add-in for SOLIDWORKS that provides a bridge to TracePro and optical ray tracing in SOLIDWORKS.






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