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Virtual event series | April 20th - 24th 2020

With Hannover Messe being postponed we were looking at ways to still reach out and meet with you. So we came up with this week long virtual event series starting on April 20. Choose from the five webinars we offer throughout the week or attend them all.


Holistic System Understanding


Decision makers are looking for new ways to increase productivity without compromising quality or production deadlines. Altair helps customers solve these problems by delivering engineering software, data analytics, and product development knowledge to ensure your next generation product is lighter, faster, better, and stronger.



Altair Digital Twin Platform | Optimizing Product Performance


Drive your development with Digital Twins.

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Breaking Simulation Speed Limits on CAD Designs


Cut simulation time and trust the results

When you are enabled to perform structural analyses on fully featured CAD assemblies within minutes, simulation becomes a game-changer for your development process.
Multiple design scenarios can be simulated quickly under real-life conditions and early CAD models, in any common format, can be used. Simulation power drives faster engineering decisions and product development at unmatched quality allowing you to be first to market.

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Unlimited Design Optimization and Innovation

Make CAE adoption successful, regardless of increasing computing demands

Today's engineering teams need to deliver robust, innovative products at an ever-increasing pace. This requires the exploration of multiple operational scenarios and usage envelopes and is often limited by the ability to mobilize sufficient computing and software license resources.

Join Altair and Intel in this live event for an opportunity to learn how engineering businesses use Altair solutions to look into the future to deliver robust and class-leading appliances to their customers.

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Simulation-Driven Design for Advanced Manufacturing

Design for manufacturing

How do companies reach their full design and manufacturing potential?

How can I choose the best manufacturing process for my design?
How do I create the design for the best manufacturing process?
Can simulation create the optimal manufacturable design without compromising performance?
When, why, and how to use additive manufacturing to add value?

How can I design for the freedom of additive manufacturing?

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Applying large scale 3D Printing and Digital Twin technologies to the factory floor

ABB, MX3D and Altair demonstrate how Industry 4.0 will deliver customized manufacturing equipment

There is a growing desire for even more customization to improve performance and efficiency in the dynamic industry of robotics and factory automation.
MX3D and Altair demonstrate how to apply large-scale 3D metal printing to customize manufacturing equipment and increase productivity.
Showcasing the use of Digital Twin Technology to drive system understanding for better design, higher operational efficiency and reduced implementation risks attendees will learn:

  • How to identify high value parts and value drivers for additive manufacturing?
  • How to get started with large scale 3D metal printing?
  • How virtual development methods help to realize complex individual products of batch size1 and make them profitable?

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The value of Data Analytics in the Smart Factory

Predictive Maintenance Altair Knowledge Works

How do you identify hidden indicators for future downtimes, or identify anomalies in your manufacturing assets?

  • Unify structured and unstructured data sources to create machine learning models for predictive maintenance
  • Understand how Altair’s unique data analytics platform Knowledge Works helps to gain operational insights from your valuable sensor data
  • Identify relevant variables causing asset failures and reduce downtimes
  • See how manufacturing assets’ data can be easily visualized throughout its lifecycle
  • Enrich real-time visualization dashboards with predictive models giving immediate insights
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