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Altair solutions are used by leading companies all over the globe to keep EDA, HPC, and cloud compute resources running smoothly and efficiently. We care about the same critical components you do — including cores, licenses, and emulation — and know that even the most capable hardware can't do its job without the right tools to enable top performance and high throughput.

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Altair Hero - Leveraging Accelerator Scheduling for Emulation


Altair® Hero™ 2.0 is a queuing solution for specialized compute resources, notably emulators, FPGAs, and GPUs. It provides an abstract definition of hardware resources and allows multiple jobs and multiple resources to share a common queue. Hero is based on the Altair® Accelerator™ batch queue system, and all of Accelerator’s features are available in Hero. This document illustrates how users can apply those features to emulation job queuing.

Effective Techniques for Managing High Cost Software Licenses


Distilling over 20 years of customer experience in managing software licenses in the chip design space, Stuart Taylor, Altair, presents some common techniques to reduce waste and more accurately target spend. While the information was gleaned in the semiconductor space, the experience can be applied to other industry sectors.

Meet Altair® HPCWorks™ for Semiconductor Design

Accelerate the design exploration and verification process with Altair enterprise computing solutions for semiconductor design. Engineering teams rely on Altair to beat competitors to market with our comprehensive and performant solution set on the market.

You need your environment to maximize resources and run faster than the competition. Trust the industry’s leading job scheduler to meet the complex demands of semiconductor design with scalability, adaptability, and efficiency.

Chip design is increasing in complexity every day and requires visualization tools to match. Flow visualization tools that provide analysis and troubleshooting capabilities will optimize compute resources for a faster, more effective design process at every step.

Hardware emulators are an expensive component of the chip design process. Address all aspects of emulation flow including design compilation, emulator selection, and software and regression tests with a job scheduler designed for hardware emulators.

Licenses are a costly investment and often in high demand among chip designers on any given team. Managing these tools effectively can speed up time-to-market while achieving a better ROI. Monitor their usage and maximize license allocation through sharing for increased efficiency and real-time insight.

I/O profiling helps organizations determine the optimal compute environment for different types of ESD applications and resources. Monitoring applications increases visibility and enables informed planning, and application profiling can help solve deployment issues quickly.

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Project Vindaloo

Is it a spicy curry dish from Goa, or is it an exciting demo that combines the high-throughput computing power of Altair® Accelerator™ with the dependency management of Altair® FlowTracer™ running a high number of Altair HyperSpice licences?

It's both! Project Vindaloo walks users through a highly parallel demo situation. Check it out.


Altair Accelerator and Altair Panopticon Data Visualization Integration

In the semiconductor industry, every second counts. Critical decisions about budgeting, timelines, resources, and more must be made with the most up-to-date data possible to account for tomorrow's achievements. This demo showcases a live demo of Altair Accelerator integration with Altair Panopticon, a data visualization and dashboarding tool.

Semiconductor industry's most powerful suite of solutions


Rapidly Advancing Electronics: Altair Solutions Enable Rapid Growth for Wired Connectivity Leader Kandou

Faced with rapid growth, the team at Kandou needed to manage workloads and licensing for their expensive EDA tools. The team chose Altair® Accelerator™ for job scheduling and Altair® Monitor™ for real-time license monitoring and management, resulting in improved product development, getting to market faster, and saving money on expensive EDA tools.

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Inphi Corporation Speeds Up Semiconductor Design with Altair Accelerator

The team at Inphi understands the importance of HPC and EDA software performance optimization better than most. They evaluated several competing solutions before selecting Altair Accelerator, which stood out among the competition for superior performance and Altair’s reputation for excellent customer service.


CEA Speeds Up EDA for Research: Powering R&D at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission

CEA Tech, the Grenoble-based technology research unit for the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) is a global leader in miniaturization technologies that enable smart digital systems and secure, energy-efficient solutions for industry.


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