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Presented by:
Jonathan Heath
Lead Mechanical Design Engineer
Brompton Bicycle


We're excited to offer you a unique webinar featuring iconic folding bike maker, Brompton Bicycle. Together with Altair, Brompton Bicycle will give you insight into its experiences of utilizing Altair SimSolid, a revolutionary structural analysis solution developed specifically for design engineers. During the 50 minute session, Jonathan Heath, Lead Mechanical Engineer at Brompton Bicycle, will demonstrate live how SimSolid is enabling their design and engineering teams to rapidly explore the performance of its new product gaining accurate feedback on whether parts and assemblies are fit for purpose in just a few seconds.


Assess Product Performance in Seconds with No Meshing or Geometry Simplification Required

Using real world examples from a full bike assembly down to individual components and assemblies, Jonathan will show how SimSolid is being deployed at the company, providing a huge product development speed increase by eliminating the need for geometry simplification and meshing, the two most time consuming and expertise intensive tasks done in traditional simulation studies.


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Attend and Learn:

  • How SimSolid is being deployed within Brompton Bicycle development team
  • How to set up an analysis in SimSolid to get simulation results in seconds
  • How to use SimSolid to analyse complex parts and assemblies
  • How SimSolid can be used early in the concept design process to shape design changes

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