Altair Technology Conference : Mining

Using Technology to Innovate and Optimize the Productivity of Mines and Mining Equipment

Free Virtual Conference | 18-20 May, 2021

The Mining industry faces a lot of challenges and remains under high pressure to control costs, improve operational efficiency as well as meeting stricter environmental regulations. Innovation and the use of technology play a key role in addressing these and in shaping the future of mining.
This free conference will explore how simulation and advanced technologies such as digital twins, machine learning and Internet of things (IoT) can help mines increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve safety.
You will hear from industry leaders and technical experts on how Altair’s solutions can be used for efficient development and operation.

Day 1 : Transfer chute design and optimization using bulk material simulation

May 18 | 11:00 a.m AEST | 9:00 a.m SGT/MYT | 8:00 am VN/TH (Duration : 2.5 hours)

Day 1LK_Chute_2-1

This session will introduce Altair EDEM, a Discrete Element Method (DEM) software that simulates and analyses the behavior of bulk materials such as coal, ores and rocks – enabling engineers to understand the flow of these materials through each segment of their equipment or operation. The focus will be on the use of EDEM to verify and optimize the performance of transfer chutes.



  • Simulation-based Design and Performance Verification of Transfer Chutes with Case studies
  • Using accurate bulk material loads in structural analysis of conveyor systems
  • Overview of EDEM’s key capabilities for the mining industry
  • Using particle-fluid simulation to control dust in conveyor transfer chutes
  • Panel Discussion: “Enhancing Reliability and Sustainability: Simulation Driven Design for Supply of Bulk Commodities in the Mining Sector”

Day 2 : Maximize Mining Equipment Performance with Altair Multiphysics solutions

May 19 | 11:00 a.m AEST | 9:00 a.m SGT/MYT | 8:00 am VN/TH (Duration : 2.5 hours)

Day 2

This session will look at how to maximize performance and reliability of excavators, loaders, dragline buckets and other machines using Altair’s portfolio of multi-physics-enabled software. The focus will be on loads extraction and integrated co-simulation solutions that capture mechanical forces, hydraulic forces and control as well as bulk material forces.



  • Introduction of Multibody Simulation and  System Modeling 
  • Outsmart your mining equipment durability – Optimisation with Altair Math & Systems MBD & Systems
  • Integrated System simulation of Dragline Buckets using Altair EDEM, MotionSolve, Activate and Optistruct
  • Analysing the operation and design of mineral processing equipment – Mills, Screens and Crushers
  • Design of Conveyor Transfer Chutes using Altair EDEMTM - Coal Transfer Case Study

Day 3 : Digital Twins / IoT in Mining

May 20 | 11:00 a.m AEST | 9:00 a.m SGT/MYT | 8:00 am VN/TH (Duration : 2.5 hours)

Digital Twin Video (1)-thumb

Digital twins help organizations optimize product performance, gain visibility into the in-service life of a product, know when and where to perform predictive maintenance  and how to extend a product’s remaining useful life (RUL). The Altair digital twin integration platform blends physics- and data-driven twins to support optimization throughout the products lifecycle. We take a complete, open, and flexible approach that enables your digital transformation vision on your terms.


  • Network Plaining and IoT in Mining
  • Digital Twin solution in Mining


Dr Andrew
Dr Andrew Grima
Chief Operating Officer
Bulk Material Engineering Australia (BMEA)
David Curry
David Curry
Vice President, EDEM
Keshav Sundaresh
Global Director of Smart Systems, Heavy Equipment, Mechatronics & Robotics
Noreen Gilbertsen
Chief Engineer
Dr Mahan Rudd
Senior Technical Specialist, Australia & New Zealand, ASEAN
Alexander James Quirk
Sales Director, Australia & New Zealand
Srinivas Tangudu
Director Data Analytics
Shinji Shibano
Senior Technical Specialist
Painuri Thukaram
Consulting Engineer
Lorenzo Moretti
Technical Specialist of Math & Systems

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