Data Science and Practical AI for Engineers in Manufacturing

Data Science and AI for Engineers

Manufacturers must empower their engineers to make data analytics & AI work.

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Data science and AI are game-changing technologies for engineering and manufacturing companies, but who is going to do all the data science?

At Altair, we envision a future where applying data science to analyze data at scale is a core engineering competency. Many engineers already have access to massive stockpiles of data generated every day on the manufacturing line. With basic knowledge of applied data science concepts and the right toolsets, they can start to make empirically driven decisions and transform their business operations.

From product design, supply chain optimization, fault prediction, preventative maintenance to demand forecasting and quality assurance - there are a plethora of applications for data science in manufacturing. By bridging the gap between the traditional data scientist and engineering roles, your organization can break down silos and extract actionable insights to drive real business value.

In this 45-minute session with Q&A, our experts will jumpstart your data science journey and offer insights into real-world engineering applications. 

Why Watch? 

  • Learn about AI fundamentals and how it can drive faster and smarter decision making that boosts productivity, minimizes risk, and increases profitability
  • Understand the uptake and adoption of AI in the manufacturing industry today and how engineers are the key to unlocking its potential
  • Discover how low/no code is the future and why ‘Practical AI’ is needed to empower engineers to champion its success

Who Should Watch?

This webinar is perfect for engineering and manufacturing leaders of all levels, including:

  • Production and quality teams within manufacturing operations
  • Engineering, CAE, and R&D teams
  • Manufacturing operations – CTO / Digitalization Officer
  • The CDO circle – Chief Data Officers and Chief Analytics Officers


Anthony Mc Loughlin
Anthony Mc Loughlin
VP Data & AI

Anthony has been helping manufacturers all across Europe to revolutionize their businesses with game-changing technologies for over 15 years. He has a unique background in engineering and AI and has a passion to help customers drive business value with the latest technology. After working recently for a leader in the big data space, he has rejoined Altair to lead our Data & AI business in EMEA. He strongly believes that engineers will be the key to the adoption of AI in manufacturing. 


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