The Future of Augmented Analytics and Data Democratisation

Webinar: The Future of Augmented Analytics

A fascinating, deep dive into the world of augmented analytics and what it means for modern business.

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This webinar offers a compelling and comprehensive examination of the future of augmented analytics - with an in-depth look at the decisions that could make the biggest difference to how your business operates. 

Who Should Watch? 

The perfect webinar for CIOs, CMOs, CFOs, Head of Risk Management, and anyone working with and analysing complex data in their organisations. 

Listen in and discover: 
  • How do you define augmented analytics? 
  • What are the real-world applications of augmented analytics in your industry? 
  • Is data democratisation is a key element in augmented analytics? 
  • What are the potential roadblocks to augmented analytics? 

Duration: 60 minutes

Guest Speakers

Eric Daly
Eric Daly
Director, Enterprise Analytics and Data
Philip Morris International
Minna Karha
Minna Kärhä
Head of Data
Aritra Chakravarty
Aritra Chakravarty
Founder and CEO
Project Imagine
Aneesh Verma
Aneesh Verma
Founder and CEO

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