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How Whirlpool Evaluates and Validates Concepts in Minutes with SimSolid


In this webinar, Alexandre Luis Marangoni, Senior CAE Engineer at Whirlpool Corporation discusses how they validated SimSolid against FEA solver results, then implemented the tool into their concept design processes.
SimSolid is used at Whirlpool to quickly evaluate concept feasibility, answer critical design questions, and deliver designs to project teams faster than ever before.


Altair will demonstrate additional powerful functionality of SimSolid, preview the upcoming SimSolid 2020 release, and introduce an exciting new integration with Altair Inspire. Inspire's award winning user experience for geometry creation and modification can be learned in just a few hours, and now delivers SimSolid's speed and accuracy for structural analysis. For users without access to CAD software, Inspire and SimSolid combine to enable interactive geometry modification while analyzing large assemblies and complex parts, all within one common user interface.


Perform analysis directly on CAD geometry

In the early stages of product development, design variations occur faster than conventional CAE tools and processes can keep up. This is even more evident when complete assemblies or complex structures have to be evaluated. Altair SimSolid is a tool with a disruptive technology that will help direct design decisions, delivering results quickly and accurately, significantly reducing costs and development time for a new product.




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