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Structural Analysis

Structural Analysis


Topology Optimization



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Because it enables simulation-driven design, Altair Inspire is an ideal addition to engineering courses. It has a user-friendly interface for creating efficient, powerful, and aesthetically pleasing designs. It has multi-disciplinary tools like structural analysis, topology optimization, motion dynamics, fluid dynamics, and manufacturing simulations - all in a single environment. Altair Inspire is an ideal addition to engineering courses.

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The Inspire Hub is crafted with our academic audience in mind

  • For Learners: Access all the content you need for your learning journey and join our online community for guidance and knowledge sharing. Certification opportunities are available for those seeking premier jobs with our customers.

  • For Teachers: Enhance your curriculum with Altair Inspire, offering hands-on product design and simulation learning. Use our pre-built course materials and see what other faculty are doing.
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Altair Inspire is included in our free Student Edition bundle as well as in our Academic Edition bundle that is most suitable for teaching on the class, department and campus-wide level.

You can also use Inspire very easily & rapidly through the Personal Edition which is available to anyone for non-commercial projects, so validation of student or faculty status is not required.


All Altair Inspire Editions provide:

  • Renewable one-year license
  • No-cost e-learning courses
  • Certification
  • Community support


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Now that you have access to your free software, let's get you started with some learning resources to get you up to speed and using the tool in about two hours.

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Learn Inspire through the Altair Learning Platform

We all learn differently, and no single format fits all learning needs. Therefore, we offer different learning content and methods in Altair Learning, including self-paced learning content, instructor-led courses, and access to our 24/7 support forums.

Explore eLearning modules for:

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Inspire Professional Certification

Altair's Inspire Professional Certification gives learners the chance to be recognized for their knowledge and capability with specific modular functions of the Inspire software.

You draw from your own experience with the software as well as the learning resources available through Altair to complete the certification.

The certification program is structured in two parts:

  • a multiple-choice examination and
  • a task-based examination that must be completed in the Inspire software.


Teach Mechanical Design & Simulation with Altair Inspire™

Teach with Altair Inspire's simulation-driven design platform to seamlessly integrate engineering concepts into your curriculum. Its intuitive interface and comprehensive features enable educators to demonstrate complex principles with real-world simulations, fostering a deeper understanding of engineering fundamentals. Students gain practical insights into design optimization, structural analysis, and additive manufacturing, enhancing their problem-solving skills in the ever-evolving field of engineering design.

Inspire Course Kit

Download the ready-made Inspire Course Kit with 8 modules that have everything you need to immediately start teaching core engineering and analysis concepts using Inspire Software.

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“Altair’s Inspire software and their support for my class has helped my students to expand their simulation capabilities and understanding.”​

Professor Frank Talke, UC San Diego​

Supplemental Teaching Examples

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Need even more material? We have you covered with exercises ready for you to assign.

This download includes supplemental exercises that can be used for homework or just as an assignment to reinforce the lessons you teach. Each of the exercises can be solved with manual calculations and then run in Inspire to show the students their calculations in motion, build confidence in software analysis, and bring engineering concepts to life. 

Join Hundreds of Engineering Educators

Teach Your Courses with Altair Inspire

  • Industrial-grade access to over 100 Altair and partner tools for educators and their students
  • Vast array of engineering simulation and data science capabilities
  • Centralized software access through our units-based licensing system
  • Cloud-managed licenses for easy, limitless access
  • 1-on-1 support from Altair's global technical support team
  • Heavily discounted pricing guaranteed to fit any budget

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Virtual Project-Based Learning involving Computer-Aided Engineering

Clive Hands, Project Manager and Lecturer, Advanced Engineering Design Group, Nelson Mandela University

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Motion Analysis of Rear Suspension System of Heavy Scooter and Design of Rear Swingarm by Using Altair Inspire

Joe Chia-Chin Wu, Assistant Professor, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology (NKUST)

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Empowering Tomorrow's Engineers: Altair Inspire's Role in Undergraduate Engineering Coursework and Research

Marko Lubarda, Assistant Teaching Professor, UC San Diego

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Research Papers using Inspire

Research Papers

Find articles, theses, books, and abstracts from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, and universities that use Inspire for their work and research.