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Efficiently Simulate and Optimize Antenna Designs & Performance, Antenna Placement, Cosite Interference and Wireless Connectivity


Due to increasing complexity and a higher demand for wireless connectivity for all kinds of products, physical measurements are more and more supported by virtual testing, not only on a component level but also for full platforms like vehicles, ships, aircrafts, etc. Electromagnetic Simulation in the design stage is crucial for a successful deployment of antennas and antenna systems also in their environments.

Learn more about how our customers Daimler, JLR, Airbus, and many others across industries use our software and services for simulating e.g. antenna designs, antenna placement, antenna coupling or Electromagnetic Compatibility topics in the areas 5G, Connectivity, IoT, WiFi, Autonomous Driving, Virtual Test Flights, etc. to accurately and efficiently assess antenna system performance and mounting locations, optimize device performance within a network and shorten development cycles by watching our on-demand webinars, reading about customer successes and best practices in our case studies, by attending our workshops and virtual events, or meet with us.


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