Redefining the Future of HPC

November 14-16, 2023 | Denver, CO

In an accelerated world, meeting future demands requires innovation and precision. Results need to be achieved faster and more efficiently than ever. Your high-performance computing (HPC) environment must be agile and optimized. Altair® HPCWorks™ addresses every aspect of HPC, from workload management to enhanced user experience to in-depth monitoring and more. Push boundaries, solve challenges, and change tomorrow.

At SC23, we shared ground-breaking announcements, informative presentations, and more. Together, we’re redefining the future of HPC.

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Altair Announces Next-Generation Altair® HPCWorks™ 2024

Upgrades deliver powerful new scheduling capabilities, cloud and AI integration, and HPC monitoring and reporting.

Introducing Altair® Liquid Scheduling™, Altair® InsightPro™, new Altair® NavOps® integration, and a brand new AI assistant in Altair® Acces™.

“Altair HPCWorks advances Altair’s HPC capabilities and helps organizations accelerate innovation by simplifying their resource management, workload management, workflow management, and reporting.”
--Sam Mahalingam, chief technology officer, Altair

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Recent Customer Stories


Revolutionizing the HPC Landscape

As long-time Altair users, the NSCC was familiar with the quality of Altair’s solutions, elite support, and community resources, and chose to work with Altair to design a solution that met these requirements with Altair® Liquid Scheduling™. Liquid Scheduling extends the Altair HPC stack already deployed at NSCC, taking the Altair® PBS Professional® workload manager to another level of scalability and performance.


Designing Safer Cars

The compute power necessary to design safer cars is massive, with growing demand. After exploring using a costly private cloud, Subaru chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with workload management from Altair to empower users to extend their HPC resources and utilize dynamic cloud bursting for peak-time workloads.


Raising Innovation to the Cloud

With product development and innovation, safety, and optimization in mind, engineers at Otis Mobility, global leader in elevator equipment, looked to Altair One™ for access to scalable cloud resources and an easy collaboration platform powered by Altair’s unique licensing system.


Simulating Supernovas in 3D

In the run-up to exascale computing with Aurora, Argonne National Laboratory’s exascale-era Polaris supercomputer is already enabling advances in a variety of projects. Efficient workload management is critical for large, complex workloads like these. Enabled by powerful HPC, the researchers have created "the largest collection of sophisticated 3D supernova simulations ever performed."

Discover Altair HPCWorks

In the data center and in the cloud, Altair’s industry-leading HPC tools let you orchestrate, visualize, optimize, and analyze your most demanding workloads, easily migrating to the cloud and eliminating I/O bottlenecks.

Altair has a rich history in leading the development of workload management solutions with one of the highest concentration of HPC experts in the world.

From the biggest HPC workloads to million high-throughput jobs, there's a powerful workload manager designed to improve productivity, optimize utilization and efficiency, and simplify administration for clusters, clouds, and supercomputers.

Improve performance and boost productivity and efficiency with a leading distributed resource management system for optimizing workloads and resources in thousands of data centers. 

Empower researchers and engineers to focus on the work that matters to them with a solution that provides a simple, powerful, and consistent interface for submitting and monitoring jobs on remote clusters, clouds, and other resources.

Deploy the HPC administrator's control center for managing, optimizing, and forecasting resources with seamless cloud bursting capabilities, along with advanced analytics to support data-driven planning and decision-making.

HPC's cloud migration, automation, and spend management platform has more accessibility than ever. It is application, resource, and budget-aware, providing real-time insights into workloads and spending with complete visibility into HPC cloud resources.

Right-size your organization's software portfolio with real data to make informed decisions with Altair's advanced software asset optimization.

Monitoring the storage's health in your HPC environment is necessary to detect potential problems early and to resolve them quickly to maintain optimal efficiency.

Even when programs are designed well, it’s easy for local settings to affect performance. Mistakes such as storing data in the wrong place, small I/O, and excess metadata can overload compute, network, and storage. Become an I/O expert with the detailed dependency analysis and profiling solution.

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It's Your Choice: Open Source or Commercial HPC Software

Open-source software celebrates principles such as open exchange, collaborative participation, transparency, and meritocracy. Altair is a major supporter of open-source software and collaboration with efforts that include Altair Exchange, OpenPBS, and OpenRadioss. But open source also carries risks. The trick is to balance the risks and rewards and make an informed decision about where best to deploy open-source software.


HPC is Exciting Again (Finally!)

Join Dr. Bill Nitzberg in conversation with Dr. Rosemary Francis from Altair as they share their enthusiasm for the future of HPC. For most of the previous two decades, HPC has been boring, with everyone using the same old plumbing (cookie-cutter clusters of connected CPU-based computers, same software, same applications, same, same, same). Over the last few years, there’s been a Cambrian-like explosion in diversity, and HPC has become interesting again: cloud adoption is becoming mainstream; Intel CPUs are one of many, many, choices now, with GPUs, ARM64, AI machines, and quantum computing on the horizon, and even the business of HPC is transforming from a bottom-line expense to a top-line revenue generator for many organizations.

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