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Model and Simulate multi-disciplinary systems using block diagrams with Altair Activate™ 

For engineers in industry and academia interested in simulating and optimizing systems using 1D-diagram models, optionally combined with 3D models.

Join us to learn how Activate serves as Altair’s open integration platform for multi-disciplinary system simulation involving mechanical dynamics, controls, hydraulics, thermal effects, electronics, electromagnetics, and more. 1D diagrams can be built using either a signal-based approach or a physical modeling approach based on the Modelica and SPICE standards or both.  Hybrid simulations can involve continuous time and discrete events. Models can be linearized for analysis in the frequency domain. Mixed models combining 1D+3D can be constructed and simulated by using the Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) standard.  All tools are built-in; no extra-cost add-ons are required.


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