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Fuel your coursework and project-based learning with software tools that breathe life into theoretical concepts, accelerate your product design skills, and make you real-world-ready.

The Altair Student Edition bundle contains numerous products that span across Altair's extensive technology portfolio – all easily accessed through a single license/ activation key. Here are just some of the product categories of the Altair Student Edition bundle.


Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

Multiphysics, Structures1

Structures, Multiphysics

Fluids, Thermal1

Fluids, Thermal, CFD

Industrial Design1

Industrial Design, Rendering






Electronic Design Automation (EDA)

Systems Modeling1

Systems Modeling, Controls, Robotics


Internet of Things (IoT)


Detailed Product Descriptions

For a bit more information about each product included in our Student Edition bundle, browse this article in the Altair Community and search it for specific categories or generic applications (such as “structures” or “power electronics”).

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Access the Student Edition - now in Altair One!


The updated Student Edition process now leverages Altair One and uses a streamlined process to provide you with the free Altair Student Edition. Altair One is the one-and-only place to download all Altair Software, access the Altair community, learning resources, support, and much more!

Follow the steps below to access and use the free Altair Student Edition.


  • Go to the Altair One registration page and enter your email address, assigned to you by your educational institution (e.g.,
  • Select either "Students" or "Faculty" and enter your details, then enter the verification code sent to your provided email address to create your account.

NOTE: In most cases, Altair One will automatically recognize your university using your email domain and link your user account with your university's account. If your email domain is associated with more than one university account you will be prompted to select the applicable one from a list. If your university is not listed you must add it manually by clicking on “Not Listed?”.

Click here for a PDF with detailed instructions on this step with screenshots.

  • Log into Altair One and go to the "Marketplace".
  • Click on the "Student Edition License" card.
  • Select the "Licensing" tab in the panel that opens on the right side and click on "Get License". Your unique license activation key will appear.

NOTE: If instead of the license activation key a "pending verification" message appears, please wait 2-3 business days and check your email to be notified when your credentials are verified. Once the verification is complete you can go back and finish this step.

Click here for a pdf with detailed instructions on this step, explained with screenshots

  • Log into Altair One and navigate to the Altair Marketplace.
  • Make sure the "Student Edition Bundle" checkbox is selected in the "Suites" filter on the left.
  • Select one of the 40+ software tools included in the Altair Student Edition bundle and download it.
  • Install the software on your computer by double-clicking the downloaded .exe file and following the installation instructions in the installation wizard.

Click here for a pdf with detailed instructions on this step, explained with screenshots.

  • In your File Explorer, navigate to the installation folder of your installed Altair Software (e.g., System (C:) > Program Files > Altair > 2023 > security > bin > win64 > GUI)
  • Locate and double-click the file "almutil_gui.exe"
  • The "Altair License Utility" window will open up
  • Select the "Activation" tab and paste your license activation key (obtained in Step 2) in the field then click on "Activate".

NOTE: You only have to complete this step for the first Altair software product that you download and install from the Student Edition bundle.

Click here for a pdf with detailed instructions of this step, explained with screenshots.

The following products require additional activation steps - 

HyperWorks Student Edition 2022 - For HyperWorks 2022 to be activated with the student license the version of Almutil GUI required is 15.0.0 available here - after downloading and extracting this Almutil GUI, run Almutil GUI and enter the key in the activation tab similar to step 4, right click and copy the path that appears in blue

A Dialog will open in HyperWorks 2022 where in the license file path you need to navigate to the license location mentioned in blue in the activation tab and select the license file as explained below.

Paste the copied link in the window that pops up on clicking the folder icon as indicated in red above, choose all files and then select the .lic file in that location, then click open, then click activate to activate the product.

PSIM - Click on almutil_gui.exe to open the Altair License Utility box and copy the license file path in the license store section under the user dropdown, open PSIM and paste the copied license path in the license setup window as shown below and click OK.

Click here for a pdf with detailed instructions of this step, explained with screenshots.

AI Studio - If using AI Studio separately and not after installing any other product like Altair Inspire beforehand, you will need the Almutil GUI, download Amutil GUI from the below links for the concerned OS (For MAC Users)

You may need to allow Almutil App in security or right click and open instead of opening it directly,

Once you have entered the key in the activation tab and you receive a “license was added successfully” message.

In some cases AI Studio may not work immediately, with a "The AI Studio feature could not be checked out ... " message,

In which case you will need to configure the license in AI Studio as well, if so please then do the below steps, in the above you will need to select "Configure Altair License"

Choose manual configuration in AI Studio

Then go to On Premise

Then go to choose and navigate to the path of the license file and choose that file, this path is indicated in Almutil activation tab in blue below the license field as well,

To expose the .altair_licensing folder you may need to right click in the users/your name/ folder and show hidden, once at the exact path select the file that will be named your license key.lic for example LKPO1-POWS2-UY76W-WEQ2.lic and then click on "Save & Connect"

You should then see a license configuration successful message, and the App is activated and will start up, 

Explore all of Altair's offerings for students.

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More about the Student Edition



Professional Edition 



Licensed to 

Students currently enrolled in an academic institution 

Companies, government organizations, commercial R&D 

Academic institutions 


Permitted Usage 

Self-learning; No commercial use 

Commercial use including non-published research 

Course instruction, project-based learning, thesis work, and published research; No commercial use 

Learning and evaluation; No commercial use 







Free for installation on the student’s personal computer 

Annual subscription for installation on company-owned computers 

Discounted annual subscription for installation on university-owned computers 



Listed here 



Altair Inspire, Altair Compose, Altair Twin Activate, Altair Embed, Altair RapidMiner Studio 


1-year Activation Key Renewable 

Standard Altair licensing options 

Altair Units enable access to Altair's entire portfolio of software as an all-in-one bundle 

1-year node-locked license for instant download and use 

Download and Access 

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Instant download and activation 

Most of the products in the Altair Student Edition bundle do not have any limitations, but for those that do, we've described them in this section. 
The are NO model or problem size limitations for the following products:

  • Inspire, Inspire Cast, Inspire Form, Inspire Extrude Metal, Inspire Extrude Polymer, Inspire Mold, Inspire Polyfoam, Inspire Render, Inspire Studio
  • AI Studio (Formerly RapidMiner Studio)
  • Twin Activate , Compose , Embed
  • Esacomp
  • Flux, FluxMotor , Feko WinProp, PollEx 
  • Knowledge Studio
  • Thea Render
  • SimLab
  • S-Frame Products

General limitations for all products included in the Student Edtion

  • The Student Edition can only be requested online
  • The license is valid for 12 months but renewable until the student’s degree work is completed.
  • The Altair Student Edition may NOT be used for commercial purposes.
  • The Student Edition is not available for banned countries: CUBA, SYRIA, IRAN, NORTH KOREA, and SUDAN or for students who are banned for other reasons and are included on US Government lists of banned parties. 

HyperWorks Desktop Limitations 

  • HyperWorks Desktop (the classical GUI) 
  • HyperWorks (X version, new GUI) 
Solver Limitations 
  • OptiStruct Advanced Solutions – certain dynamics solutions like frequency response and transient, user materials etc. will show a license error while solving. This error can be ignored; results will be output correctly. 
  • License Error 9 and 6 are printed in the solver window, despite solving the file for both Radioss and OptiStruct. These errors can be ignored; results will be output correctly. 
  • OptiStruct Optimization is node-limited 
    • Radioss; OptiStruct: 100,000 nodes 
    • AcuSolve: 100,000 nodes 
    • Radioss runs are restricted to 4 cores (-nt4) 
    • Multibody dynamics models (MotionSolve): 200 bodies 
  • Solvers cannot be started from a command line (only from within the Analysis tool from within the Graphical User Interface) 
Supported CAD Formats 
  • Import: IGES, SolidWorks and STEP 
  • Export: IGES, STEP 
  • HyperCrash export limited to 100,000 nodes 
  • HyperMesh Import / export: Radioss, OptiStruct limited to 100,000 nodes 
  • HyperMesh X (new interface) Solver Deck export in Unity requires extension to be added in file name (ex: abc.fem, abc.rad) 
User profiles that are not supported  
  • Feko 
  • HyperXtrude 
  • HyperMold 
  • HyperWeld 
  • Non-Altair Solvers (for import and export although the interface format is in the file > open window) 
  • HyperView Reads h3d files only with the maximum allowable model size of 100,000 nodes and only 1 page with up to 16 windows may be created 
  • MotionView reads graphics H3D files with the maximum allowable model size of 100,000 nodes 
Platform Support 
  • Platforms: Windows 7/10 
  • Architecture: x86_64 

Altair Monarch Limitations 

  • Activation is supported via the Altair License Management System licensing method only. 
  • Monarch Automation is not available. 
  • 10 rows can be exported in Monarch Classic and Data Prep Studio. 

Altair EDEM Limitations 

  • 10,000 particle limit 
  • 2 x CPU max (no GPU) 
  • Disabled functionality on CFD Coupling Interface, MBD coupling interface, Heat Transfer Module, and Field Data Import. 

Altair PSIM Limitations 

  • Altair PSIM Student Edition does not include Code Gen and Co-simulation features. 

If your university doesn't accommodate its students with assigned email addresses, you will unfortunately not be able to use a free Altair Student Edition license.

Please reach out to your university to see if they can create an email address for you. If not, have your professor contact the Global Academic Program team  (at and acquire an Academic License. With an Academic License, your professor can give their students access without requiring a school-issued email address.

Learn How To Use The Software

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  • Start with Altair’s comprehensive eLearning platform (which requires a free Altair One account) to: 
    • Self-learn the tools at your own pace with online courses
    • Learn by doing and get a completion certificate
    • Watch instructor-led webinars 
  • Learn quickly through how-to videos on YouTube 
  • Access tutorials in the Online Help portion of our Student Edition installation
  • Access tutorials in the Altair Community Knowledge Base