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More and more FIRST® Robotics teams around the world are leveraging Altair software to do what engineers and data scientists in industry are doing for their products (i.e., accelerating innovation by exploring more design concepts earlier and making better data-driven decisions faster).


Enable Your Team's Success

Watch how this FIRST® team derived great value from using Altair Inspire™ for simulation-driven design of their robot and won our monthly Global Student Contest from the Americas region as a result! Read more in their post on the ChiefDelphi forum.

Fireside Chat with Dean Kamen

Hear from Dean Kamen about his vision for how technology like Altair’s can help unite our world rather than divide it. Altair is proud to support Dean’s inspiring vision for “giving kids the opportunity to create a successful future for themselves” – through ‘coopertition’ and gracious professionalism.

Quick Access to Free Software Apps for FIRST® Robotics Competition Teams

Inspire - FIRST

Altair® Inspire™

for simulation-driven design

Easily import and extend your use of CAD geometry by performing structural analyses, topology optimization (for lightweighting), and motion studies with your robot.

Download Inspire

AI Studio - FIRST

Altair® AI Studio®

for data-driven decisions

Effectively manage your large amounts of competition data from various sources to help you choose alliance partners, detect anomalies and perform predictive maintenance to avoid problems during matches.

Download AI Studio

Compose - FIRST

Altair® Compose®

for equation-based modeling and calculations

Quickly calculate any performance characteristic for your robot, such as power consumption, based on equations you have available to model that characteristic.

Download Compose

Twin Activate - FIRST

Altair® Twin Activate™

for system simulations

Understand macro-level robot behavior such as interactions between different subsystems (e.g., electrical and mechanical), without needing 3D CAD.

Download Twin Activate

See what you can do with our tools

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Get Started with Inspire

FIRST Kit - Module 1 - Torsional Analysis - GIF

Start Here with the Basics of Structural Analysis

Determine the torsional rigidity/stiffness of a robot base to avoid too much bending during operation.

What you will learn:

  • Moment Loads
  • Supports
  • Material Definition
  • Non-Motion Contacts
  • Result Contouring

  • Download Module 1
    FIRST Kit - Module 2 - Structural Analysis - GIF-1

    Learn More About Structural Analysis

    Assess the strength of a robot bracket to avoid breakage during operation and evaluate an alternative based on the initial results.

    What you will learn:

  • Force Creation

  • What you can review:
  • Supports
  • Material Definition
  • Non-Motion Contacts
  • Result Contouring

  • Download Module 2
    FIRST Kit - Module 3 - Optimization - GIF

    Learn How to Optimize Your Designs

    Lightweight a robot arm utilizing topological optimization while maintaining strength requirements.

    What you will learn:

  • Poly Nurbs
  • Optimized Shapes

  • What you can review:
  • Supports
  • Force Creation

  • Download Module 3
    FIRST Kit - Module 4 - Motion Analysis - GIF

    Dive Into Motion Analysis

    Simulate the movement of a Robot Arm to validate proper motion dynamics and verify torque requirements on the motors.

    What you will learn:

  • Joints
  • Actuators/ Motors
  • Load Extraction

  • Download Module 4
    FIRST Kit - Module 5

    Structural Analysis from Motion Simulation

    Leverage the dynamic motion of a subsystem to capture resulting forces that will then be used to analyze a bracket.

    What you will learn/ review:

  • Joints
  • Actuators/ Motors
  • Analysis
  • Contured Results
  • Analysis from Motion Data

  • Download Module 5
    FIRST KIT - Module 6

    Topology Optimization from Structural Analysis and Motion Simulation

    Light weight the bracket previously analyzed by using forces derived from the motion.

    What you will learn/ review:

  • Design Spaces
  • Non-Design Spaces
  • Motion Analysis
  • Optimization from Motion Data

  • Download Module 6

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    Get Started with AI Studio (formerly known as RapidMiner Studio)


    Using RapidMiner to help choose Alliance Partners

    Select the best alliance partners based on data gathered by several team scouts.

    What you will learn:

  • Gathering Data from Different Sources
  • Data Cleaning and Pre-processing
  • Quick Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization

  • Download Module 1
    FIRST Kit - Module 2 - RapidMiner - GIF

    Analyzing the Blue Alliance Data

    Connect to the Blue Alliance API, extract its FRC team performance data, and choose the best alliance partners through data analysis.

    What you will learn:

  • Connecting to Blue Alliance API
  • Data Cleaning and Pre-processing Data from API
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization

  • Download Module 2

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    Altair proudly supports FIRST Robotics

    Altair is devoted to playing a pivotal role in nurturing the next generation of engineers and innovators by actively supporting FIRST Robotics teams. We empower students to explore STEM fields, develop problem-solving skills, and gain real-world engineering experience. But our commitment to education and innovation extends beyond financial support and free software access for teams: Altair's team of experts mentors and collaborates with FIRST Robotics teams, fostering a passion for technology and encouraging these young minds to reach their full potential in the world of robotics and engineering.

    Is your team using Altair tools? Please add our logo to your robot and supporter page.



    See what Altair tools have to offer

    Altair is thrilled to provide free access to a comprehensive suite of software tools, equipping teams with the resources they need to excel.

    But our offering goes beyond just software. All FIRST teams get access to:

    • FIRST-specific training materials
    • bi-weekly virtual software training sessions for all team members involved with our tools
    • an  Altair community support group tailored to the unique challenges and aspirations of FIRST participants.

    Watch the recorded webinar to learn more and see how two FRC teams already successfully used Altair Inspire for their robot designs. 
    FIRST Featured image

    Recorded Altair Virtual Workshop - Build Better Robots Faster

    On May 23, we held a Virtual Workshop for FIRST Robotics Teams which you can now watch on demand. Pick from the following list to get the content that interests you and your team the most:

    1. Inspire Academic Hub and Learning Materials Overview (8:03 Minutes)
    2. Landon Cooper - Lightning Robotics Team 862 - Canton MI (13:20 Minutes)
    3. Inspire Pro Tips and Insights (21:51 Minutes)
    4. AI Studio (formerly RapidMiner Studio) Academic Hub and Learning Materials Overview (3:32 Minutes)
    5. Marek Gustitus & Sean Goodson - Eagle Evolution Team 3322 - Ann Arbor MI (12:51 Minutes)
    6. AI Studio (formerly RapidMiner Studio) Pro Tips and Insights (25:23 Minutes)

    Apply to get financial support for your team

    Altair is committed to helping FRC teams build better robots, faster - using our software tools, learning resources, and support.

    If teams and their coaches and mentors are just as committed in their willingness to learn and use our software to create success stories it is a win-win situation for all involved. We are happy to support these teams with additional support and financial sponsorship to get them to the front even faster.

    If your team wants to work closely with us to get you closer to the win, have a team member 18 years or older fill out the financial grant application below, and let's talk!

    The application deadline has passed. Please check back on September 1st, 2024 for the 2025 season grants.


    Altair Community User Group for FIRST®

    This special Altair discussion forum is dedicated to all participants in FIRST® competitions -- students and mentors.  It serves as a dynamic platform where teams and individuals come together to foster collaboration, share knowledge with peers, and get help from experts.

    Beyond facilitating technical Q&A on the practical application of Altair products, it also provides a valuable route to software tips & tricks, the latest training materials, sample files, and more.